A new form of collaboration

With the recent launch of the #stream2own beta app, Resonate is starting to accelerate. Let's take a look at our main strategic goals:

  1. First and foremost, build a system that puts artists at the center – able to control the distribution of their content as they see fit. Earning a fair income in the process.
  2. Innovate with technology that allows the first goal to flourish without compromise.
  3. Grow with the intention of capturing all indie artists and labels, which represents 35% of the market.
  4. Integrate as many aspects of the industry* as possible, to seek sustainable solutions beyond streaming in an attempt to counter-act the cultural force of "content should be free." (*Ticketing, tours, merchandise, alternative content and beyond.)
  5. Spark a dialogue around the participation of the majors... could Resonate trigger an "artist uprising" that puts an end to oblique contracts that benefit corporations first and talent second?

Those are the main objectives. A number of our current development projects are already directly addressing those strategies. Plus we're joining forces with some very influential partners to help accelerate/accomplish those goals. (More TBA.)


A New Model of Collaboration

One thing to keep in mind is that it's quite likely we will always need a certain level of volunteer work even after we've raised money. By comparison, services like Spotify and SoundCloud have raised tens of millions of dollars to fund their operations. While we definitely won't have executive compensation salaries or fancy offices like they do, it shows that running a service like this takes a LOT of work.

For those that end up doing volunteer work without direct pay, we want you to know there's something to look forward to. Since Resonate is a cooperative, that means we share profit distributions. You can read more details here but the main point is that 20% is reserved for Resonate staff and volunteers. Our pledge – volunteers will get paid first.

Now then. We have three categories to choose from based on the way you want to get involved.

The moment we stop optimizing the digital economy for the growth of capital, and optimize it for the circulation of value between people, everything will start to get better really fast.

- Douglas Rushkoff



A connector invites people who might like to work on the project, they post on their social networks and or just tell a friend about the project over coffee.

The idea here is that even if you're too busy to be actively involved, you can take action to spread the word to benefit the project.

Who knows? Posting a link in your favorite media site on a specific day could end up leading to just the right person finding us. No advice or share is too small!


A consultant is an expert that agrees to take on specific tasks. Perhaps they're a genius front-end developer that can spend a few hours every week adding some wicked javascript that dramatically improves usability on specific functions. No task is insignificant for a consultant who cares about making Resonate a success!


The Future Team

If you've got the time available and are interested in the possibility of turning your efforts into a full-time job, then we'd like to have you in our Future Team.

These team members will dedicate a block of time during their week to a variety of Resonate activities, always working from their own initiative and self-interest while trying to meet the needs of the whole.

The future team will chat on Slack, participate in group and individual planning sessions and help coordinate our efforts. We hope that all the work will be fun and challenging; we earnestly believe that no job is unimportant and that contributions based on unique experiences and perspectives creates a truly rewarding experience.


Getting started

Almost there! First, a short video:


Thanks for sharing :-)

For Resonate to succeed, we need to spread the word far and wide, so every share counts!