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Anamnesis Catalog Picks
Catalog picks: Anamnesis (September 2019)

In philosophy, anamnesis is the idea that humans possess innate knowledge (perhaps acquired before birth) and that learning consists of rediscovering that knowledge within us. This theme’s idea directly comes from the title of a track by Planet Mu Records’ artist Jlin from her last project called Autobiography (Music from Wayne McGregor’s Autobiography).

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Catalog Picks : A Berlin Heatwave (August 2019)

A few weeks ago, Berlin saw a pretty intense heatwave that had a peak of 38°C. Like many Berliners, curator Jake attempted to escape the heat by heading to one of the city’s surrounding lakes (in his case Krumme Lanke). Though the heatwave passed, rising temperatures in recent weeks show that Europe won’t be cooling down anytime soon.

Jake’s picks are…

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Catalog Picks : Femi (July 2019)

The theme of this week’s picks is flux. Things feel like they are all over the place right now and these songs aim to convey the moods of the current moment. Femi (@Femdimes) is a music lover and basketball obsessive who always has a hot take in the oven.

Shitmat – Ace Of Base Babylon

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Curators Picks
Catalog Picks: Emke (June 2019)

Hybrid emotions are the theme to this weeks curators picks. Independent Buenas Aires artist Emke selects a contrasting mix of ambient-abstract and rhythmic cuts.

Lukas Rychvalsky
Catalog Picks: Andrew (June 2019)

Drum Workouts, Weightless Grime and Ambient feature in this week’s Top 10 selection from Australian based curator, Andrew.

Mall Music Inc. – Go Off!
Unashamedly fun and functional Footwork from DJ Paypal, DJ Mastercard, DJ Orange Julius, DJ Boy Dram a, DJ Instant Message.

H – Body Boys…

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Catalog picks: Rob (June 2019)

London-born, Liverpool-based Rob picks his 10 favorite releases. From Rian Treanor’s off-kilter club cut on Planet Mu to Ellen Arkbo’s amorphous ‘Three’.