The Core Team

Peter Harris
Founder + CEO

Marie Gauthier
Head of Development

Chris Hobcroft
Project Management

Shane Morris
Artist + Curator Development

Ian Warner

Timothée Goguely
UI/UX Design

Kyle Burke
Full stack development

Attila Haraszti
Full stack development

Evynn McFalls
Public Relations Manager

Aleksandar Nikov
Graphic Design

John Spallone
Business Development

Susanne Stauch
Strategy + Connections

Mentors + Consultants

Steffen Holly
Fraunhofer IDMT

Kalam Ali
Startups Accelerator

Mitchell Fox
Industry Advisor

Mat Dryhurst
Decentralization Advocate

Lars Holdhus
Decentralization Advocate

Sam Toland
Cooperatives Expert

Temporary Advisory Board

The Resonate advisory board will serve until the successful conclusion of the crowd-funding campaign. Soon after we'll elect a new board to be voted upon by campaign participants.

Casey Rae
Industry Policy

Sandy Hoover

Sefu Fuller
Open Source

Special Thanks

In no particular order, special thanks to various people who have donated their expertise to making this project a reality: Martin Wecke of Hatsumatsu, John Hammond, Kelly Snook, Simon Vansintjan, JB Eckl and Westbrook Johnson.

Thanks for sharing :-)

For Resonate to succeed, we need to spread the word far and wide, so every share counts!