Peter Harris
Founder + CEO

Ignacio Baigorria

Marie Gauthier
co-CTO (streaming)

Claire Tolan
co-CTO (blockchain)

Development + Design

Augustin Godiscal
Player Development

Wilson Fanestil
Catalog Management

Alex Crane
UX Design + Code

Avi Ashkenazi
UX Design

Aleksandar Nikov
Communications Design

Darryl Neudorf
Community Strategies

Mollie Zhang

Resonate Board

In addition to CEO Peter Harris, the following individuals serve on the Resonate board:

Terry Tyldesley
Artist + Board Chair

Sam Toland
Co-operatives Expert + Board Secretary

Kalam Ali
Ventures at Native Instruments

Mat Dryhurst
Artist + Decentralization Advocate

Stephanie Merchak
Musician + Producer

Soenke Zehle
Media Theorist + Researcher

Nati Linares
Publicist, Organizer, Communications

Greg Heuss
Managing Partner, Reflective Ventures


George Howard
Berklee, Open Music Initiative

Steffen Holly
Fraunhofer IDMT

Mitchell Fox
Industry Advisor

Lars Holdhus
Decentralization Advocate

Sandy Hoover

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