Streaming App Support

Purchasing streaming credits

We recently relaunched our payments process for buying streaming credits.

Simply click the “three dot icon” in the top right and then click top-up in the pop-up!

April 12th – iPhone update

Have solved the main issues with iOS. Unfortunately, while the app now appears on Safari, our current audio formats are not supported.

Seems to be changes coming from the browser, as our current streaming format M4A used to perform on Safari with iOS. Short term solution is to switch to using Firefox or Brave which are both free downloads.

Safari on mac laptops continues to work, so the problem seems isolated to the iOS mobile version of Safari.

Will continue to report back here as solutions are found!

April 10th 2019 System Update

Big release today with rebranding and launch of a new app. Known bugs we’ll be working on the next few days:

  • credits top-up, social sharing, embed code, safari iphone

We plan to release a series of improvements in the coming days and weeks and will report back soon as those fixes are up!

Update March 2019

We’ve unfortunately gotten out of the habit of updating this support section of the site. Promise to make more of an effort to post notices here as new developments become available. We’ve got a whole series of releases planned for the coming weeks and months. Changes to profile players, genre searching, design and styling revisions… lots coming, so stick around as we hope to make you happy!

Update June 2018

Up until recently, Resonate was entirely volunteer led. Our dedicated team is now working hard to transform our player into a truly viable service.

We’re aware that the player isn’t perfect, but we’re working on a few exciting things, such as: upgrades to navigation and general usability, a streamlined uploading system, a new membership system and more. Posts detailing these changes are forthcoming, so please keep an eye out on our blog or newsletter.

Thanks for trying out #stream2own beta, and for being patient with us! Please bear with us as we work on these changes – we’re thrilled about Resonate’s future and we hope you are too.

We’re assembling an FAQ section, which will hopefully answer some of your questions.

If you’d like to report any bugs or ask us anything else, please do so here.

October 2017 app survey

Thanks to everyone who voted in the survey.

We incorporated your comments and feedback into the development process, which is now live in the latest release of the beta player.

Launch the beta app.

Latest features April 27th 2017

Added artist + label browsing in the app and have had some reports that the “opening the drawer” action isn’t working for everyone. Feedback appreciated! Currently working on building a complete catalog system for sharing individual songs and albums. Plus affiliate commissions which can be seen now in artist + label profiles.

Recent updates March 8th

Quite a lot going on behind the scenes… new account management pages + profiles, a playlist builder for artists, a system for displaying Supporter Shares and dozens of other small improvements throughout. As always, always ready for your feedback!

New feature Feb 16th

We’re experiencing a temporary outage with logins. Should be back up this afternoon.

When restored you can check out the new Favorites function. Now on all tracks in the playlists! Swipe right to save to your favorites and left to remove.

Status update Feb 10th 2017

Emails inviting backers to sign up are going out today. We’ll start inviting people in groups of 25 on a first-come first-served basis.

SPECIAL NOTE: Account password changes will not instantly sync. You may need to wait up to 12 hours to access the app again after changing your password.

Supported devices

Laptops: most (Firefox, Brave preferred)
Mobile iOS: Firefox, Brave, Chrome
Mobile Android: Firefox, Chrome

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