Earn credits for uploads on Resonate

To celebrate the arrival of high quality, multiple track uploads, we’re offering a special deal…

Upload tracks between now and midnight CET (11:59pm Berlin; 5:59pm NYC) and we’ll credit your #stream2own accounts with free streams!

Check out the tutorial below for tips on working with the song manager/uploader. (Please note that the free credits in your account will be paid out to the artists you listen to.)

The video is only available for logged in users.

Resonate membership survey


Why can’t I upload cover songs?

First and foremost, Resonate is a cooperative. That means we’re all co-owners of this service. From the coders who build the tools you use to the musicians who create the content.

Therefore, one of our primary goals as a cooperative is fair remuneration for all parties in the creative process.

Currently, the systems for collecting and distributing songwriter royalties worldwide is quite complex. MUCH too complicated than we’re currently able to sustain. (Plus it’s made even worse by our hybrid streaming + downloads model.)

Therefore we made a decision to only allow 100% original works in the player. That means…

  • no covers
  • no samples
  • no derivative works

Our long term goal is to do direct deals with publishers so that songwriters and composers can be fairly compensated according to all international laws. In the meantime, just upload stuff that you or your band has written. We’ll alert everyone once covers are enabled!

Launching the Stream to Own App

First off, thank you once again for backing this project.

We didn’t expect to offer #stream2own so soon, but we’re now ready to start testing!

Note: the payments system is live and all artists are getting paid for the streams during the beta test.

To access the beta app simply sign up as a fan on the homepage (if you don’t already have an account).

Otherwise please contact us if you’re having access problems.

Resonate Beta App

Resonate Artists Featured on Blogs

Many of the artists on Resonate have been featured on various music blogs.

On the Resonate artist profile, we asked musicians to tell us what blogs have done articles about them.

The goal of this mini-project is to contact those blogs to tell them about Resonate, in connection with these artists. Steps…

  1. Load up the artist blogs spreadsheet
  2. Find an artist or blog you know
  3. Write them via their contact form; preferably directly to the specific writer
  4. Tweet to the blog or writer that you contacted them (FB post/msg also an option)

Sample email:

“Hi there! I work with Resonate, a new streaming music service. Recently ____ signed up to be on our service and we noticed that you wrote a piece on them last ____. [maybe insert link to blog post] Resonate is quite unique in that it’s both FAN owned as well as ARTIST owned. We’re a cooperative, so everyone is an owner actually. Would you be interested in doing a follow-up story about ______, maybe talking about how they’re an owner in this new service? Thanks for your time!”

Sample tweet/FB post:

“Hey, just wrote you on your site. Look out for an email about _____” (artist name)

Of course, feel free to re-write in your own words. The main idea is to connect the artist, blog and Resonate into the same experience. In a follow up email, you can share this link with them.

Why send both to their contact page as well as contact them on social media? They may not read all emails unless encouraged to do so. 😉

Special notes

  • not all of the artists understood what we were asking for, so the spreadsheet might have the wrong information
  • may be several blog links in the blog column
  • if you don’t have twitter, send us details and we’ll do the

Questions? Post a comment below!


video for the campaign

We’re putting the finishing touches on a video for the crowd campaign and there’s a section where we’d like to include clips of existing Resonate artists.

If you’ve produced any HD quality music videos, send us a link using the form below.

We’ll select 5-10 second clips and will list artist credits when the clip is shown. (Please note that depending on the editing flow, we may just use visuals without the accompanying song.)

Recruit journalists

Fairly simple.

  1. search for stories about fairness in streaming royalties
  2. find the authors contact info (sometimes listed in their bio, sometimes they have Twitter accounts listed)
  3. write them a short message saying “saw your story about __. Have you heard of Resonate?”

Messages to journalists can be sent to them via email or send them a tweet with the @resonatecoop twitter handle in the message. (Such as… “Have you heard of @resonatecoop?”)

Feel free to write messages in your own words. This is a totally casual thing that doesn’t require any professional experience.