Interviews from 2015 to the present


Peter Harris speaks to Reload about why the co-op model is important, how blockchain can change music, and why Resonate is different. Listen here.

WARM Podcast

Resonate Founder and CEO had a chat with our collaborators over at WARM. Find out about the experiences that led him to start Resonate, why credits are important for #stream2own, and the risks of algorithmic curation. 

The Future of What

Are you ready to get a little more inspired by the advantages Resonate currently gives to musicians and labels? Join in the conversation by listening about the current and future plans that founder of Resonate, Peter Harris, talks to Portia Sabin, on The Future of What, Episode #109.


Peter interviewed by Musicpreneur host James Newcomb.

The Blockchain Guy

Exploring the intersection of blockchain and transparency/sustainability for the music industry in this podcast.

Resident Advisor

Resonate’s decentralization artist/activist advisor Mat Dryhurst interviewed by Resident Advisor.

Weekly Squeak



Video podcast interview with the Epicenter Podcast crew.

The Future of What

Podcast from Kill Rock Star’s Future of What show. Also features A2IM CEO Richard Burgess.

Make Moves with John Hammond

In-depth exploration of the history of Resonate and personal motivations of founder Peter Harris. Podcast interview hosted by John Hammond


Podcast interview with Andrew Apanov of Dotted Music and WeSpin.

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