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An early collaborator with the independent K and Sub Pop cassette-based music labels in Olympia, Washington USA in the 1980s, Rich later built the business infrastructure for Sub Pop in Seattle, establishing its rise as a showcase for many artists to follow. With Chris Takino in 1993, Rich co-founded Up Records, associated with breakthrough work of artists such as Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, The Pastels, Quasi, and Duster. That year he also launched Sub Pop Advanced Media (SPAM), leading that label in early 1994 to obtain one of the earliest music URLs. In 2009, comrades in the band YACHT released a version of his 1987 song ‘Psychic City’ to modest commercial success. In 2014, Rich joined forces with Brodie Stevens to form Cabin Games, a Native American-owned music and management company. Currently based in Seattle, Rich is pleased to bring his experience supporting diverse emerging artists and peer-to-peer cultural forms to the urgent work to cultivate music-based interdependence through cooperative community-owned networks like Resonate. ~ Credo: Make music not war.