Artist Dashboard

To add your music on Resonate, first complete your Artist Profile.

Next, head to the Community Forum. There you can find guidance for submitting music. If you have other questions, look for answers in the Handbook or ask a question at the Help Desk.

If you’d like to post in the forum, create a new forum account. If you have trouble joining the forum, let us know at

We’re currently transitioning from our old infrastructure and building a new, integrated setup. During this move, Resonate is spread out between three different areas, each with their own log in:

– The main site, where you can edit your artist profile [you are here]
– The community forum, where you can meet members and read the handbook
– The resonate player, where you can listen to music using your artist account

Soon, you will only have to log in once to access all these areas. Until then, keep these three islands in mind and you’ll know your way around.

To learn about the co-op’s development projects, visit the Platform area of the Forum and share your own ideas for making Resonate all it can be.

Grateful to have you here building with us.

Other resources

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