There are many different ways you can support the everyday work and ongoing development of Resonate co-op.

Resonate must raise at least 20,000 euros by the end of March 2022 to keep pace with the Resonate Renewal and meet commitments to the tech team and essential workers.

The Resonate Renewal work that’s already completed includes – a new player with playlisting, embed and genre search functions, the development of the Resonate discourse forum, new stripe payment integration.

Next steps include automatic artist and label upload function, completely new website, new backend to handle metadata, accounting and payments for artists and the co-op, support for offline listening, catalog expansion, and much much more…


You can send us a donation using open collective or a direct payment to our co-op. Either a one off or as a regular supporter funding. All contributions we receive in 2022 are going directly into the Resonate renewal, and funding our co-op workers.


We have created our first Resonate T-shirt with Everpress and illustrator Bridget M. The first drop is an essential garment for supporters of Resonate and the worker coops cause. A classic white Tee with black/yellow “music ecosystem” illustration by Bridget M. By buying this Tee you are directly contributing to our Resonate renewal, the coops growth and stability, our mission to support and build a new music ecosystem.


Choosing to listen to music on Resonate instead of corporate streaming-services sustains and grows the coop. Buy listening credits to directly support the artists you love and the coop. If you share what you are listening to on your social media, you directly spread the word and work of the coop. Thank you!


If you aren’t already a member of the coop, please consider joining today. It costs 10€ a year to be a member of the coop. If you are an artist or label, you are eligible to become a coop member once you have uploaded a track to the platform.


Buy supporter shares from as little as 25 euros up to 100,000 euros! Buying supporter shares is a way to keep supporting the co-op beyond your initial membership contribution.