Appearances + events featuring Resonate

Upcoming appearances in 2018 with Resonate team members:

Music Tech Fest
Terry Tyldesley
September 7-9
Stockholm, Sweden

Future Music Forum
Peter Harris
September 13
Barcelona, Spain

Pivotal Music UK
Terry Tyldesley
September 14
Birmingham, UK

Reeperbahn Festival
Claire Tolan
September 19 – 22
Hamburg, Germany

EFG London Jazz Festival
Jim Hatch
September 24
London, UK

Fast Forward
Terry Tyldesley
September 28
London, UK

Platform Cooperativism for Asia
Peter Harris
September 28 + 29
Hong Kong

(Singapore appearance TBD)

Amsterdam Dance Event
Jim Hatch
October 17 – 21
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Claire Tolan
October 27
Las Palmas, Canary Islands

Resonate members have spoken at numerous events worldwide: