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What is Resonate?

We are a blockchain-based streaming music company owned by artists, fans, labels, managers, agents, and anyone else... all as equals.

Unlike other streaming companies, we're direct-to-artist and pay-as-you-listen. We think we'll be able to pay artists up to 2.5x more than our competitors, while also offering better data and management tools.

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Sounds great! How can I help?

Music fan? Do the email thing:

We're still currently in the "getting all the pieces together" stage. Just about any minute now, the crowd campaign launches. Read more about this.

If you're in the industry:


What does $5 get me?

As a fan, it's your first year of Resonate's co-op fee. It means you're an owner in the #platformcoop. You'll experience open transparency into our development process, be able to ask our developers questions, submit ideas, etc.

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When will you launch?

We think it'll take about $350K to get everything built the right way and launch the service. That means we need 70,000 people to become owners. We've already gotten started on donations of time from our current team, but a few people will need to quit their jobs and go full time with this, and that means we need to have some cash.

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So I need to tell as many people as possible?

You got it. This thing only gets built when fans, musicians, and labels come together. We're going to have one big, huge, super-insane "crowd-ownership" day. We'd love to get all 70,000 people that day but we'll probably leave the campaign open for a month. Get social.

Within the next hour or two, this page will be gone and the campaign will be live!

Dive a little deeper

Collective ownership, transparency, fairness. All pretty straightforward stuff.

If you want to dive into the details, select from the drop down or just explore the site or chat with us.