own the next generation of streaming music
own the next generation of streaming music

Resonate is a streaming music cooperative.

Built by and for musicians all over the world.

Designed for fans who really care about music.


#stream2own your music


Monthly subscription models suck.

There are many reasons but mostly it's about per-stream rates. They're simply not sustainable for artists.

#stream2own is the solution.

Only paying for what you play. Making a seemless transition from casual listening into becoming a dedicated fan.


Is there any music to listen to yet?


As of this moment 1717 musicians and 223 labels have joined. Preview this random playlist, then become a member to hear more.

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How is Resonate different?

  • No monthly subscription fee – you only pay for what you listen to
  • 2.5X more earnings for artists compared to Spotify
  • More ways for fans and artists to connect than other platforms
  • Changing how we stream, license and purchase music


Discover more about stream to own.

be the (r)evolution


Everyone can vote. Everyone shares in the profits.

This is democratic capitalism.

  • no monthly subscription fees
  • no annoying advertisements
  • only pay for what you listen to
  • inexpensive music discovery
  • paying ethical rates to artists
  • be the first to test the #stream2own app!

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  • earn your member share by uploading content
  • absolutely NO upload limits
  • more meaningful connections with your fans
  • earn a better per-stream rate

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  • earn member share by supplying content
  • explore powerful analytics
  • more than 5 artists – we'll build your artist profiles and manage content uploads for you!

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  • earn your member share by helping build the platform
  • volunteers receive profit distributions before paid staff
  • designers, coders, marketers and more

build the next generation of streaming music

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be part of a new economic model for the internet

Resonate is being built by our biggest supporters, our members. If you are interested in investing in the future of music distribution become a member as a LISTENER to learn more.

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Dive deep into our unique listening model, find out why we're a coop, explore music on the blockchain and discover how we plan to go #beyondstreaming in the strategy section.

Get the latest news and see where we stand on music industry issues and the #platform coop movement in our blog.


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