own the next generation of streaming music
own the next generation of streaming music

Resonate is a streaming music cooperative.
Built by and for musicians all over the world.


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Own the next generation of streaming music

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As of this moment 899 musicians and 132 labels have joined – here is a selection for you to enjoy:

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How is Resonate different?

  • No monthly subscription fee – you only pay for what you listen to
  • 2.5X more earnings for artists compared to Spotify
  • More ways for fans and artists to connect than other platforms
  • Changing how we stream, license and purchase music – learn more


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Resonate is bringing democracy to music streaming. We are a cooperative of artists, labels, fans, and developers, and we own the platform together – one member, one share, one vote. Join us!

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Find out what we're doing to build our listening model, why we're a coop, and how we plan to go #beyondstreaming in the strategy section.

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