Rewiring the music industry

Resonate is building a new music economy based on fairness, transparency and cooperation.

For listeners Resonate involves owning something of real value in a digital economy. It's also about resisting the urge to treat music as nothing more than audio wallpaper. About rediscovering and engaging music as art made by real humans.

Pay for what you play — it's cheaper.

For artists this means owning their work, and owning their networks. Resonate is about fairness and control; we allow creators to set the terms on which to distribute their art.

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Blockchain for DJs and producers

For industry we are rewiring terms of business, transforming an industry that's currently based on exclusivity and inequity into one based on openness, transparency, and collaboration.

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For everyone this is about co-owning a platform. We think that this one-member, one-vote system gives everyone a voice, and supports the community in a crucial way.

Why we're a co-op

For all the right reasons. This is the mission. This is our purpose.


As our networked world progressed, the way people listen to music changed drastically, resulting in an unsustainable model that can't support the industry ecosystem long-term.

STREAMING services wield too much power over discovery, and "big pool" methods of splitting royalties are unfair. Music has been turned into content, and fans into passive listeners.

INEQUITIES have been exacerbated. Power has been consolidated not in the hands of creators, but in those of dominant tech companies and major labels.

INEFFICIENCIES plague the music industry and often lead to slow, inaccurate royalty payouts.

PRIVACY is sorely lacking; fans often need to surrender personal information to stay informed.

CONTROL is needed by all. Artists should have a say in how their music is distributed, listeners should have control over how their data is used.


THE CO-OPERATIVE model fundamentally differentiates Resonate from other services. A one-member, one-share, one-vote system brings democracy to the platform, and gives all members a voice.

STREAM2OWN is brand new model for listening. Splitting the cost of a digital download into 9 plays, it enables artists to get paid per play, and fans to own music again.

THE PEOPLE'S PASSPORT puts control back in the hands of users. Choose who your data is shared with and how; verify your identity without the expense of sensitive information.

EDITORIAL will be aggregated within a system that allows micro-payments, ensuring that publishers have a source of revenue beyond ad-supported models.

BLOCKCHAIN DATABASES will help streamline royalty payments, and ensure that the wider independent music ecosystem has a reliable source for metadata.

OPEN-SOURCE fits naturally with our ethos of openness, collaboration and transparency. We'll work with anyone that shares our values and mission.

ETHICS come first. We're considering the impact of everything that we do, from ensuring our operation is environmentally-friendly to making an effort to build an inclusive platform.


Resonate 1.0 03.15 - 02.18

The volunteer stage

40+ conferences and events

over 2K artists joined

first #stream2own player built

Resonate 2.0 03.18 - 10.18

Transition and growth

over 4K artists and 700 labels

investment from RChain

65% backend code developed

full rebranding and redesign

Resonate 3.0 11.18 - beyond

Resilience and future proof

brand and player relaunch

major catalog growth

new profiles system

community networking reinvented

The People's Passport

streaming evolved