Resonate welcomes new co-op executive Rich Jensen

Resonate thrives because of the broad range of skills and insight dedicated contributors have supplied to keep the project moving through years of development, risk, and experimentation.

Resonate social promotions

In our on-going efforts to democratize curation and build an algorithm-free streaming service, we’re announcing a new program for promoting new releases via social media.

Accelerating our development

Asking the question… can people-powered finance drive the expansion of a truly ethical music community?

Resonate roadmap 2019

With the relaunch of the brand and #stream2own app last week, we’re quite excited for the future development and growth of the platform. Here’s the roadmap for 2019.

Brand Relaunch

We’re very excited today to officially announce the relaunch of Resonate’s brand identity, a rebuilt player and a new framework for future growth.

Going Open Source

We have listened carefully to you, our members, and have an announcement to make – the first of several that will come this year. Starting in March Resonate is going open source!

Appearances + events featuring Resonate

Resonate members are speaking at numerous events in 2019. Check out the list for the full schedule and check back often for updates!

Restructuring Resonate

A set of unforeseen events has dramatically affected our ability to operate and execute on the plans set forth earlier this year. While we’ll explore those adversities and solicit your engagement, we’d first like to highlight what has been accomplished to date.

An invitation to Resonate’s first Annual General Meeting

We are pleased to invite you to our first AGM! This marks a major milestone in our development, and is a key part of democratic co-operative governance.

Building the greenest platform possible 🌳

Resonate is committed to an ethical, sustainable operation on all fronts. We’re pleased to announce that we’re donating to Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees to offset our carbon footprint!

Resonate: past, present and future

As Resonate grows, our situation has changed substantially. Most of our staff only joined this past March, and it’s been a tricky but exciting transition to get the whole team up and running. We’ve been contextualizing what we’re working on now, figuring out how it fits into the bigger picture.

In pursuit of an inclusive platform

Resonate is committed to changing the music industry for the better, and we consider the wider impact of everything that we do. As we build a new, direct artist-to-fan music platform, we want to ensure that all people and communities are supported. It’s important to us to build a welcoming environment for all.

Working with WARM

We are really excited about all the progress that Resonate is making, and today we’re delighted to announce yet another development: Resonate is collaborating with WARM Music, the first large-scale radio airplay monitor.

Collaboration with Off Axis

We are tremendously excited to be announcing yet another partnership. Resonate will be working with Off Axis, a platform that brings brilliant artists to new audiences.

lifeID collaboration

Resonate and lifeID are thrilled to announce a new collaboration. The ethical music streaming co-op and blockchain-based identity platform will be working together to develop a comprehensive solution for managing identity online.

RChain partnership announcement

Resonate is thrilled to announce a new partnership that will help us achieve our goal of building a fair, transparent and accountable future of digital music distribution. A new blockchain system called RChain is investing $1M US into Resonate through their investment arm Reflective Ventures.

The importance of tagging

While this article is primarily targeted towards our music makers we thought it would be interesting for fans to explore the topic as well. Building a robust, easily searchable music application is crazy complex. After all, look at all the different ways one common music genre can be tagged…

The quest for accurate streaming royalties data

Recently I got into an extended email discussion with a very well known indie label that I was seriously hoping to recruit into the Resonate coop. The short version is that it was quite eye-opening to find out how much they loved…

Blockchain for DJs + Producers

Let me drop a dazzling question, much as you might drop a track on a crowd about to hit a massive peak of orgiastic dance frenzy: What technology could usher in a new era of unparalleled creative freedom, artistic control and collaborative expression?

Why independent labels are so important

Through all the chaotic changes in the digital age of music, one institution has been consistently the target of criticism – the record label. While it’s now technologically possible for artists to self produce and distribute, we think the role of the (independent) record label has never been so important.

Blockchains for metadata and licensing

Imagine for a moment that embedded within music files was a smart contract that could run 24/7, sending out automated licensing, usage and payment agreements to hundreds of parties around the world without phone calls, emails or face to face contract-signing.

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