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Updates to our beta player

We’re pleased to announce that we’re launching a new version of our player! Thanks to our dev team, #stream2own beta has a host of new, exciting features.

Who matters to you?

In our efforts to support independent culture, we’re doing a bit of research. We’d like to know what organizations, networks and collectives matter to you. Let us know who you think makes a difference — whose values you share, and whose actions you believe in.

Upcoming changes to the membership system

Our team has been working hard to deliver the co-op with a viable service that accords with our values and aims. Resonate’s membership system will be revamped later this year.

Resonate at The Great Escape

Resonate will be appearing at The Great Escape’s AIM House, hosting a fireside chat with Imogen Heap and Matt Black. Together with Resonate’s own Terry Tyldesley, these pioneering artists will talk about the future of the music industry, and technology’s role within it.

Joining AIM

We’re pleased to announce that Resonate has officially joined the Association of Independent Music — a non-profit trade organization dedicated to supporting independent music in the UK.

A2IM membership announcement

There are plenty of big things happening at Resonate, and today we’re excited to announce yet another: we’re joining the Association of American Independent Music.

Blockchain dev status update

Resonate has always been focused on blockchain technology, but early on we came across a major problem: scalability. A problem solved with BigchainDB and COALA IP for our catalog and licensing system. Building towards true scalability with RChain in late 2018.

MMF membership announcement

Resonate is continuing to build connections all over the industry. Today, we’re announcing our new role as an associate of the Music Managers Forum – the world’s largest community of professional music managers.

AIM’s Music Connected sponsorship

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be sponsoring this year’s edition of Music Connected – the Association of Independent Music’s digital music conference, which is also the leading conference of its kind in the UK.

Major player updates

Plenty of big things are happening here at Resonate! Last month we quietly released the anticipated upgrade to our #stream2own player, featuring a wide range of new features and improvements.

Upcoming player revisions

The #stream2own beta player has been running a few months now and due to the patience and support of the community, we’re now close to releasing our next major update. Thanks to everyone who has written in with feedback and bug reports, we’ve redesigned key elements of the player.

July 2017 update

July 2017 updates about the development process, how the community is growing and various events around Berlin featuring Resonate.

New features in the #stream2own player

New quicklists: top 100 tracks, most favorited, recommended by Resonate, latest songs. New “more info” showing song details and more!

The Resonate roadmap

Explore the three main areas currently under development in 2017, including a list of planned features. Find out what’s happening with the #stream2own app, blockchain, website development and more.

Can a streaming service be profitable?

If you haven’t read many of the numerous stories through the years about losses in the streaming music market, then the headline may seem like an odd question at first.

The road ahead for 2017…

When I did a quick search for “road” on this one really stuck out, because it pretty much sums up everything at Resonate right now.

Exploring the next steps for Resonate

We face a number of unique challenges… building a service based on very new technology, not being of interest to the VC community that funds the majority of startups, seeking fairness and justice as a cooperative… and the fact that we’re up against competitors with essentially unlimited resources.

Crowd campaign update

The Resonate crowd campaign launched last week. Apart from a few device-specific bugs, the biggest feedback we got was around the language for investor shares. The answer is NO. Investors do NOT get extra votes.

Launching the crowd campaign

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for, you knew it was coming in October, so… the Resonate crowd-owning campaign is starting on the 25th! For just $5 music fans can secure their ownership share in a new streaming music service that everyone owns.

The 9/9 mystery is revealed

We have a bit of news to reveal, but first, some back story is in order because it relates to all the 9/9 hype.

Building the blockchain database

A broad overview of our plans for building a blockchain for the music industry. After participating in Imogen Heap’s Mycelia project, becoming a member of Berklee’s Open Music Initiative and co-organizing a week-long blockchain lab for Music Tech Fest, one thing has become crystal clear…

Evolution of Resonate

This post explores how Resonate has evolved from the seed of an idea to it’s current status and roadmap. Business development Began in Spring of 2015 with the seed of an idea… to solve problems of engagement and accountability in music startups by using the cooperative business structure.

Micro-payments for video

While our main focus is on building a wicked streaming music player, we’ve always had video in mind for our long-term strategy. Thanks to a new partner, it’s looking like video may kill beat out the streaming star. Introducing PopChest.

May Updates

Significant milestones for May… introducing Shane Morris, our new head of Artist Curator and Development, organizing a Blockchain Lab at Music Tech Fest in Berlin and lots of other juicy developments.

April 2016 Updates

So much has been happening in the last few weeks that it’s hard to keep track of who knows what about which particular development. So, in no particular order, a list of milestones for Resonate in the last few weeks.

Reaching totally new markets for streaming

The streaming giants are pricing their services for the high end of the curve – those listeners that spend far more than the average of $153 a year. That’s not a sustainable business model. Ours is.

Building a more robust music community

Contrary to the design and user experience of most streaming apps and services, music can’t be reduced to simple functions such as play, skip, shuffle and like. Music inspires movements, dictates trends in all other art forms and even shifts entire cultures in new directions.

Crowd-owning campaign strategies

Given that all startups require capital to develop and that cooperatives cannot sell off a portion of the company to investors, Resonate will need to raise funds through the crowd. We will also need to crowd-source our own campaign, seeking volunteers to participate, contributing as little as an hour a month.

Our first partner label – Ropeadope Records

Very excited to announce our first indie label partnership with Philadelphia-based Ropeadope Records. Ropeadope’s artists span many genres – jazz, afrobeat, hip-hop and r&b – releasing “historically significant records with celebrity names to completely unknown artists”.

Financing strategy

All startups need money to build stuff. Fairly obvious, right? What is not always obvious to the general public is the degree to which investors exert control over the way those projects are run. Being a cooperative means that every listener, musician and worker owns a single share.

The platform co-operative movement

A movement is building and a new global community is forming. Last week I had the great privilege of presenting Resonate to an eager crowd at the Platform Cooperativism conference in New York City.

Presenting at MWM Conference in Berlin

We will be presenting Resonate in Berlin on November 19th at the Most Wanted Music Conference.

Peter to present Resonate in NYC November 13th

Resonate founder Peter Harris will be appearing at the Platform Cooperativism conference in New York City at 6pm on November 13th. Peter will be presenting Resonate along with a number of other startups in this emerging niche. The event is free and is also being streamed live.

About platform co-operatives and the investor problem

A new form of internet startup is emerging – the “platform co-operative” – an attempt to merge the most equitable form of capitalism yet devised with the distributed, international, software-driven ambitions of Silicon Valley.

Why most musicians continue to lose online

The digital revolution forever changed the means of production for the vast majority of musicians. Producing a high-quality album in your bedroom became de rigueur just after the turn of the millennium, but that was only half the battle.

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