Exploring the Resonate mission

Resonate is on a mission to remake streaming as a champion for artists and a muse for passionate fans.

While this is a living document that will evolve over time, the essence of these ideas serves as the basis from which we grow.

The short version? Become the Bandcamp for streaming.

The purpose and mission behind this project is so bold, the dedication of its collaborators so striking, that our primary purpose deserves to stand out loud and proud:

Resonate is a defender of culture

Let this sink in...

Ultimately this project is about defending culture from capitalism.

In case it's not totally obvious, the prime directive for corporations is to return profits to shareholders. Full stop. Everything else is secondary.

This is the reason we chose the cooperative structure for our business model, but the issue permeates everything else we do.

From this founding principle we can start to explore the details.

First we'll explore the three main reasons the monthly subscription model is broken and then take a look at who we're trying to reach.

1. the monthly subscription model isn't profitable

Spotify is valued in the billions, but has never made a profit. It works for the major labels only because it's a way to offset losses from piracy, not because it's a profitable way to distribute music in and of itself.

Apple and Amazon can use their streaming services as loss leaders for everything else they sell. Apple enjoys a 40% profit per device and Amazon wants customers talking to Alexa to stimulate impulse purchases.

Deezer and Tidal have had to partner with telecom companies in order to survive.

And SoundCloud? Anyone's guess...

Dive deeper

Go in depth on the issue of profitability:

for streaming services

for artists and labels

2. the distribution of revenues

A fundamental issue with the monthly subscription model is how royalties are divided up. This is best described from a listener's perspective, written by one of our members:

"Imagine that I'm listening only to my one favourite band on Spotify. If I pay €10/month, and Spotify takes 30%, I assume that my favourite band would receive €7. Well, as you probably know, that's not the case, because all the money goes to a common pot, and it is then distributed according to the total number of streams, independently of the number of users. So essentially, the users who are listening to more songs per month than me get to decide where my money goes."

This issue has been written about extensively, so we won't repeat what has been said. Further reading available in Billboard Cuepoint Vice and Resonate.

3. does streaming devalue art?

The Resonate mission is much more than just a question of whether artists and independent labels can make more money with us. It's fairly straightforward and our profit calculator clearly demonstrates that.

The third major problem with streaming is that it devalues art.

Having an endless pool of available music seems convenient, but it essentially disconnects the creation from a meaningful perception of value.

It deserves to be stated more directly. Music is ART. Not "content". But that's not how most tech startups refer to music.

Having 30 million songs at your fingertips may satisfy instant gratification urges, but it eventually separates us from any sense of value from one song to the next because it simply doesn't matter whether you play and repeat a track that connects to the depths of your soul or whether you're just streaming for background music at work.

With our #stream2own model however, the experience is altogether different.

As you gradually fall in love with a song, you pay a little more. Because as the emotional connection to what you're listening to increases, so does the cost.

It's super cost effective when you start out and only gets more expensive when you truly start to care about the artist. Effortlessly connecting casual listening to becoming a dedicated fan.


Resonate is built by and for musicians and we strongly believe that the artists you love deserve fair pay for their work.


Who we're trying to reach

By now, it's probably obvious that we're not shy about the motivations and philosophies behind this mission -- the monthly subscription model is broken and we have a different model that fixes it.

What remains is to explore who we want to connect with.

The issues we address appeal to artists and independent labels for obvious reasons.

On the listener side, our initial audience are aficionado fans who represent 14% of the music market, but account for 34% of total music consumption.

"Aficionado fans are the top-tier connoisseurs of music. They love music from a variety of genres and periods. They tend to like independent music, and they're always listening and discovering. This segment is willing to spend on all formats of music, including artist merchandise, concerts and online streaming services."

Based on projections for total streaming revenue, we can see that these superfans will spend around $1.7B on streaming.

Capturing just 1% of that market within the next two years will result in $1.4M in monthly revenues.

Creating a more profitable streaming and ownership model has already attracted thousands of independent artists and labels. With our accompanying plan for growth, the number of musicians on the platform should expand steadily.

Aficianado superfans are by nature inclined to seek meaningful, authentic sources for music discovery. Given the fact that they ALSO share in ownership of the platform creates a powerful sell for being part of a next generation streaming model.

The mission is ambitious

Yes, we have our sights set high.

With two years behind us, our volunteers and collaborators have accomplished a great deal. We have a plan to take it up a notch.

Join us to stream the change you want to see in the world.

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