Exploring the Resonate mission

We are on a mission to rewire the music industry.

As it is now, the industry is dominated by large corporations, and it can be difficult for independent artists and labels to get by in this environment.

Resonate is fundamentally different from the companies that rule music today. When it comes to corporations, their number-one priority is to return profits to shareholders. Resonate, on the other hand, is run as a co-operative. We believe that everyone should have a voice — not just corporations.

We prioritize culture, not profit

The goal is to build a new music industry for independent music to thrive in. Our journey starts with #stream2own and eventually moves beyond streaming.


Our #stream2own player, which has been running in Beta for roughly a year, marks the beginnings of something bigger. #stream2own is an entirely new model for streaming, and its motivations can be boiled down to three core issues.

1. The monthly subscription model isn't profitable

Spotify was valued at $30 billion as it started trading, despite having operated at a loss for years. Apple and Amazon can use their streaming services as loss leaders for everything else that they sell. Deezer and Tidal have to partner with telecom companies in order to survive. As for SoundCloud? That’s anyone’s guess.

2. Distribution of revenue is unfair

A fundamental issue with the monthly subscription model lies in inequitable royalty distribution. A Spotify user who pays $10 a month to listen to independent artists isn’t directly supporting them financially. After Spotify takes a 30% cut, users might expect that the remaining $7 goes to the artists they listen to. In fact, the remaining $7 goes to a common pot, after which it is redistributed proportionally (according to an artists’ share of total plays). Users listening to indie artists end up financially supporting the major artists who rake up the highest number of streams.

3. Streaming devalues music

Another major issue when it comes to streaming is that it devalues music. Having a boundless amount of music available at your fingertips seems convenient, but it ultimately separates music from a meaningful perception of value.

Resonate believes that music is art, not content

We believe that the artists you love deserve fair pay for their work.

Access shapes listeners’ relationships with music, and with #stream2own, the experience is wholly different. As you gradually fall in love with a song, you pay a little more. As the emotional connection to what you're listening to builds, so does the financial cost. #stream2own effortlessly connects casual listening to dedicated appreciation.

Rewiring the music industry

Our ultimate goal is to build a fair environment in which independent artists can build sustainable careers on their own terms. Technology is our biggest ally in this pursuit.

Independent artists are affected by many issues that plague the music industry — issues that extend far beyond the realm of streaming.

#stream2own is just the first step.

Resonate is built by and for musicians. We are developing a radically new music platform that extends across a variety of services, rewiring every existing pathway within the industry.

For more information on how we're planning to do this, check out our plan for growth.

If any of this speaks to you, join us!

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