The Resonate roadmap

With the commencement of the crowd campaign and release of the beta #stream2own app, plans for future development have been evolving quickly.

Let’s explore the three main areas of development and look at the list of planned features. Lines/items marked in grey have been completed.

#stream2own app

  • #stream2own methodology – system for calculating increasing micro-payments
  • artist content mgmtmulti-track uploads, playlists, metadata editing
  • commissions system – incentivization program to accelerate growth
  • buy now + more info – explore content in the app
  • search + filtering – find content by playlists, genre, artist, labels
  • embeddable players – for artists, labels and curators
  • special surprises – now, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we told ya, right?


  • metadata publishing – publish song info + files to the blockchain
  • permissions + access – control who has access to files and data
  • identity + profile mgmt – a portable, decentralized solution
  • total autonomy – fully independent access/control for artists


  • account management – for fans, investors and everyone else
  • customizable profiles – tools for artists to build unique profiles
  • genre/content portals – organize + feature content by genre
  • marketplace integrations – cross-promotions with third parties

And of course, this list just represents the obvious stuff we’ve identified. Resonate has evolved organically and will continue to do so, creating space for new ideas and innovations to shift directions as needed.