The Resonate roadmap

Business development

Began in Spring of 2015 with the seed of an idea… to solve problems of engagement and accountability in music startups by using the cooperative business structure. Followed shortly thereafter with advent of the stream to own listening model. Part time volunteers joined in October 2015. Resonate’s founder went full time in early Spring 2016, followed by other key members of the team… Shane Morris, Victor Matekole, Ian Warner and Timothée Goguely to namedrop a few.


First artists signed up in Summer 2015. Recruitment proceeded steadily through the year, then began to accelerate in early and really took off in Summer 2016. Now resulting in 897 musicians and 897 musicians signed up to the #platformcoop.

Blockchain development

Research phase began October 2015 when Peter first learned of Imogen Heap’s UJO Music blockchain experiment. This later evolved into Mycelia which has held several hack events in 2016. After the opening Mycelia event, Peter was asked to coordinate the #MTFLabs: Blockchain event alongside cryptographer Petter Ericson. This cascaded into Resonate becoming a member of Berklee’s Open Music Initiative in the US.

What do all of these events and activities have in common? A yearning to harness blockchain technology to create a truly fair trade music ecosystem. Currently we’re collaborating with BigChainDB to build an open source music database that will seed Resonate and other startups. Insanely complicated stuff, but we’re up for the challenge.

Player design

Started in 2016 with arrival of Paris-based designer Timothée Goguely who has been steadily designing incredibly detailed wireframes of the future Resonate app since then. Supported by developers who are working on building a backend system for curated playlists to be featured during the crowd-owning campaign. Without engaging in too much hyperbole, we’re totally reinventing the idea of how a streaming music player (and community) should function.

Crowd owning campaign – Fall 2016

Just in case you missed it, Resonate is a coop. That means everyone has an ownership share and can democratically participate in making decisions and supporting development. While clearly the best model to create a truly fair and equitable system for both musicians and fans, this presented a unique investor problem which is being solved thru a crowd-owning campaign coming Fall 2016.

Artist + curator widgets – Winter 2016

Our first release will be embeddable players for musicians and curation partners to import Resonate playlists into external websites. A critical first step both for testing the robustness of our decentralized storage and delivery system as well as on-going promotional efforts.

Full streaming app – Spring 2017

Where things really start to heat up… the release of the full Resonate streaming app and community. Profile pages, curation for all, exclusive album content and the most inclusive system connecting fans with musicians that the streaming world has ever seen.

Resonate marketplace – Summer 2017

Begin integrating a whole host of apps and additional services with third party developers. This is where the Resonate mission begins to really accelerate as new webs of connection are created for fans, musicians, labels, startup developers and the overall music industry. The stirrings of a new global economy for cre8tives.