The fundamentals

Our radically different listening model and commitment to fair payments for artists.

Deep dive on stream2own

Explore this unique model from Resonate, the world’s first streaming music cooperative. A method that turns casual listeners into dedicated fans without expensive monthly subscriptions.

Getting paid for every play

The first rule of Resonate is artists always get paid for every play unless they specify otherwise. Providing total control for musicians and fair trade trust for fans.

Growing the service

Beyond the app store model

Contrary to virtually every other streaming service, Resonate is building our system open source. Being a cooperative, it fits with our ethos of openness and transparency, but we’re doing that for other reasons as well – overwhelming efficiency and prosperity.

Collaborating with music blogs

Our proposal to join forces with music-oriented blogs to achieve two goals – promotional support for Resonate leading to the creation of a new portal for their content. Through our innovative stream to own model and desire to build more robust music communities, Resonate envisions creating a fully immersive…

Policies and Tactics

#stream2own for artists and labels

You probably have an idea of how #stream2own works – what makes it new, and why it’s exciting. But maybe you’re still wondering what exactly Resonate membership means for artists and labels. This can be broken down into two basic areas: the streaming side of things, and the co-op side of things.

Open sourcing our terms and conditions

Since we have released our beta application we have been thinking a great deal about the legal framework it operates under and specifically the Terms of Use for our site and music player. Although clicking an “agree to terms” checkbox has become a boring, bureaucratic step…

Embeddable playlists for curators

For music blogs, the possibility for extra income beyond ads. For artists, creative potential to curate a “label for a day”. Resonate embeddable playlists.

Label and artist payments

The key difference between Resonate and other streaming services that have been built on closed-door deals is transparency. The fact is, artists have been shut out from the process for far too long.

Co-operative governance and the blockchain

Traditionally, co-operative entities such as retail stores, small-scale manufacturing, real estate, service firms, etc. have been local by nature. By contrast, platform co-operatives like Resonate are often international from their inception.

Why we’re a cooperative

In case you’ve never heard of this type of business, a cooperative is a company structure that allows everyone involved to be a co-owner – sharing in decisions and sharing in the profits. The saying usually goes “one member, one share, one vote” and it’s all about bringing democracy to the workplace.