Pay as you play
No monthly fees
Own music again

Our unique Stream2own model splits the cost of a digital download into 9 plays.

Plays start off cheap when you're discovering and as you fall in love with a song, you come to pay the full price.

There's no transition out of Resonate to buy a song or album. Purchase it directly, or just keep listening.

Resonate pays artists directly and per-play. For listeners, the overall cost is similar to that of the average monthly streaming subscription.

Top up your account and stream

Add credits to your balance (5, 10, 20 €) and you're ready to stream!

We based our model on the standard price for downloads, because artists deserve to make a living wage from their creations.

With subscription streaming, artists are forced into a new form of digital servitude as listeners would have to stream a song hundreds of times to equal the price of a single download.

With us, it's 9 plays.

Sign up today and get credits for around four hours free streaming!

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