Resonate is a community funded project.

We had some outside funding in 2018 that allowed us to do a rebranding and new product design. (You’re seeing us halfway through that process, with our recent relaunch.)

The code base for our current player is available open source and our new user personas system will be next.

We’re also close to crossing the 10,000 member mark. Listeners, artists, labels and builders all wanting to make an ethical streaming service a reality.

But to take it to the next level — where 10K becomes 100K becomes 1M — we’ll need help from the crowd.


Resonate Co-op is what its members make it.  If you’d like to get involved helping Resonate grow and contributing your time, perspectives, and skills to the platform — please contact us!  We’d love to team up with you and make Resonate the best platform it can be.


The Resonate codebase is on GitHub. (The front-end app is there, others soon to follow.) If you would like to join our discussion group to get coordinated then go here.